Olde Dixie Fried Chicken: A Taste of the South

Retrolando - Olde Dixie Fried Chicken
Nestled in the Pine Castle Community for 54 years was Olde Dixie Fried Chicken, a no frills joint that served up delicious fried chicken. Seriously, if you loved good old fashioned southern fried chicken, this was the place to be.
Retrolando - Olde Dixie Fried Chicken
Some would say the building itself was nothing special; ohhhhhhh but it was.
Along with Beefy King, this place had an interior that took you back in time, and for some people it reminded them of their childhood going to these establishments: the seats, ceiling tiles, signage was all the same.
Sadly, Olde Dixie closed their location in 2016, but there is some good news…
In case you miss going to Olde Dixie Fried Chicken, they have a mobile restaurant that can be found all over Orlando.
Retrolando - Olde Dixie Fried Chicken
Head over to their site and find out when and where you can find them. They also have catering options available too!

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