Race Rock: Racer Paradise

For 11 years countless tourists lined up to take their pictures inside the wheel of the enormous Bigfoot monster truck parked out front of Race Rock.
Retrolando Race Rock
Opening in February of 1996 Race Rock quickly became the best-known race-themed restaurant (serving mostly junk food). Everywhere you looked there was a TV with non-stop race and monster truck action going on. From floor to ceiling (yes, there were cars hanging from the ceiling) Race Rock was decked out with authentic racing vehicles. Before or after the meal customers could grab their Race Rock swag from two Ford Aeromax trailers positioned inside the foyer.
Retrolando Race Rock
Retrolando Race Rock
In March of 2007 Race Rock closed down after being sold to the Tavistock group for a sizable amount of money as the land became more valuable than the restaurant itself. This was due to the building needing a new roof and AC unit. The contents of the building were also liquidated after the sale of the building, from the cars down to the mannequins.
Currently a Dave & Busters sits where Race Rock was located leaving no trace of the race themed restaurant. Unless you count the jackets and mugs scattered for sale on eBay.

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