Ronnie's Restaurant

For 39 amazing years, Ronnie’s Restaurant catered to a wide variety of people from local celebrities and politicians to working men and women. Ronnie’s was known for its strict rules, gigantic portions and of course the tubs of pickles. There was no sharing of food, butter was rationed. There was a carry-out option but you had to wait for it after ordering, no call ahead orders! You didn’t even dare to ask for split checks, the cashier wouldn’t do it. There were two entrances to the restaurant, one for parties of 1-2 and the other door was for larger parties. The day Ronnie’s closed was the day the entire Colonial Plaza mall was sold to a developer that was planning to tear it all down to build what is currently in its place. Ronnie’s was a real gem in Orlando and has been missed by Orlandoans near and far. If you ever had the chance to dine at Ronnie’s you were certainly lucky! 
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