Sam Behr: A True Orlando Legend

“Tires ain't pretty” was just one of the (amazing and hilarious) catch-phrases we heard from Sam Behr during his time as the spokesperson with Allied Discount Tires (and also Holler Kia).
Retrolando Sam Behr Allied Discounts Tires
He has long been remembered for these commercials due to the fact that they were for him and not a script. But there was much more to Sam Behr that many people may not know about.
For over 50 years he owned and operated Behr Shoe Center in Downtown Orlando (they even proclaimed "We can fit any human." inside the store).
Retrolando Sam Behr Allied Discounts Tires Behr Shoe Center
He played football at the University of Maryland, and scored the first touchdown for Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant.
Retrolando Sam Behr Allied Discounts Tires
He was in the Military and served at Elmore Air Force Base in Alaska.
He was even the color commentator for the Orlando Thunder during their run.
Honestly, this list could probably go on forever when talking about everything he accomplished during his life.
But to the people who ever met him they would all say he was a great person with a big heart and a personality bigger than the room he was in. There were always countless stories from people that visited his store remembering his kind generosity to them. Mr. Behr was a one of kind person and I can tell you the folks of Orlando certainly miss his presence.
Here is an article from Orlando Magazine published in February 2011 that gives a little insight to how the commercials came to be.

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